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March 17th, we will be hosting our first ever St. Patrick’s Day event.

🥳 – We’re pretty pumped and excited and really looking forward to celebrating with everyone. Or at least with up to 50 of our best friends.

Here’s a glimpse of what is planned:

🎻 – Festivities start at 2pm with live traditional Irish music. That’ll definitely bring smiles to everyone.

🍔 – There’ll be delicious food on hand, Irish Chipper style. Menu items include:

– Curry fries, 2 kids of pasties, battered fresh made Irish sausage, poutine, deep fried pickles and more. Are you hungry now?

Food will be available both outside and inside the venue.

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 – Fun activities planned for the wee Irish people too between 4pm and 6:30pm. What a great time to share some Irish culture with the next generation. This is a family friendly event.

🍬 – Easter treats anyone? Lots of your Irish chocolate treats available to buy. Wispa, Buttons, Curley Wurley, Twirl bites and more.

Please register for the event ahead of time. We are limited to 50 people and that will be strictly enforced. Prior to entry, full screening will be done – COVID questionnaire, temperature checks, contact info, masks etc. There will be 4 people per table and masks must be worn at all times when not at your table.

Speaking of masks, did you get your Irish one yet? We may have a few left.

Cost for the event is $10 per family. We are fundraising so your donation is appreciated. Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Get your tickets here: