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We’re doing it a little different this year.  But we’ll still celebrate.

The residents at McCormick Home have not had any form of entertainment for a year now.  It’s heartbreaking.  Many have not had visits from family either.  We want to change that and here’s how:

  • imagine a dry brisk but sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, the stage is built and folks are milling about outside safely.
  • in one area a traditional band is warming up
  • in another corner a bunch of Irish dancers are stretching and getting show ready
  • parents are hanging back, anxiously awaiting the show to start
  • inside, the audience that matters is ready.  Many are in the lobby dressed in their finest green.  Some may even have a front row seat outside, if it’s warm enough.

Finally, it’s 11am and the show is ready to start.  Cameras are rolling and all the big screens inside are streaming the performance.  Success.

That’s our plan.  We are hosting this event to raise funds for the McCormick Home Foundation.  Click here to donate.  We’d sure appreciate anything you can offer, tax receipts are available too for those that would like one.  The costs to host this event have been absorbed by the performers and the London Irish Canadian Cultural Society.  So 100% of your donation goes directly to McCormick Home.

We ask that you please give as generously as you can.